O Captor, My Captor, 2014
Collaborative performance with David Bell
Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn

Darkness, but not for everyone, two figures, sit opposite one another, blind to the room, in search of contact, everyone looking, except one. Except one. The tie that binds has been severed and fused again. The umbilical cord is quite intact but only temporarily. When outsiders come to rescue one, he will fight them off to defend the other. Because all contact is contact. And after all, what they share together, only they know. Only they can touch it. Only they can feel it. And as the reins fall untethered, the Captive then says to the Captor, “Thank you.”

Inspired by the psychology of Stockholm Syndrome, tenets of Attachment Theory, and the “clinch” embrace between two boxers in a ring, David Bell and EJ Hill will engage ideas of dependency, support, and other complexities of human relationships.

photo: Jen Diskin