Untitled, 2012
Collaborative performance with Collin Pressler
as part of Industry of the Ordinary's survey exhibition, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
duration: 24 hours
Chicago Cultural Center

The proposed work will place EJ Hill and Collin Pressler in a public, building-front window space with high foot traffic. Both men will be clothed in white cotton boxer-briefs and t-shirts. The space will be furnished with a twin-size bed fitted with white sheets, two pillows fitted with white pillow cases, and a white blanket. During the course of the 24 hour performance, both men will engage the theme of intimacy through talking, kissing, embracing and resting together in the space. The artists will present themselves at the curious intersection of public and private space in a way that validates and celebrates the beauty and naturalism of male intimacy.


photo: Industry of the Ordinary